7 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer
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7 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

WHO AM I . . .

Meet the artist behind the lens

Hi! I'm Nicole and I LOVE my job! Working with fantastic clients,capturing your moments and sharing in your day is what I love! I have always loved photography from a very young age and my artistic style continues to flourish and grow every year. I have a strong graphic design background and went to school....actually attaining my Multimedia Web Design Degree and upon completing that degree realized I loved photography and graphic design much better. I am a single mom who has a pretty amazingly,talented 8 year old daughter who is a gymnast & a musician(and as you can imagine has a mommy who takes whole lot of pictures of her haha.) She is the apple of my eye,and the inspiration behind the name,"Little Mac Design." When I am not working the wedding scene I love to sing,workout,play volleyball,and enjoy time with my daughter. ~

MY GOAL . . .

Is simple really...I want to capture real moments and create beautiful portraits for you. Portraits that you will enjoy looking at long after your wedding. I believe that wedding photography doesn't have to be boring....I don't want to just give you pictures...I want to create works of art that you will be proud to hang in your home. Building friendships & relationships are another goal of mine as well. I do other types of photography and would love to do your maternity/newborn/family pictures as well! If I have created a story documenting your day,we had some fun doing it,and your friends all say your wedding photographer was amazing....then I accomplished my goal. ~


Now... I would love to chat with you! Let's CONNECT!